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Well hello there. I humbly welcome you to feast your retinas onto my artistic stuff.
Did I say ''artistic''? I meant autistic. But what's the difference?

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I'll try my best to tell ya the best aspects I remember from it, because it was overall just a completely convoluted story. I won't even really tell them from chronological order since it was just so over the place.

So firstly, I remember a lil' something about Nala from The Lion King going on a psychopathic rampage not in the Pride Lands, but in the place my maternal aunt lives for some fucking reason. It also turns out it was all happening in some kind of Zoo Tycoon game in poor graphics and that I was the one who made up the story in the game.

Then (I don't remember if it was related anyhow), I recall Spirit from Dreamwork's horse movie dying alongside some human kid sidekick, probably from trying to stop Nala or some shit. Then their spirits were running in the clouds alongside Stella and Sasha from Help! I'm A Fish.

Next, I had Cr1TiKaL/Penguinz0 follow me on every social platform after I did something supposedly remarkable during one of his streams.

And lastly, the absolutely, most bonkers of all.

It was basically a mix of Fullmetal Alchemist and... I kid you not...

Motherfucking Boss Baby.

Here's how it goes, in my pitiful attempts to describe it.

I remember it starting out with every "adult" babies getting zombified/dumbed down by some kind of needle.

Then it follows out of nowhere with a baby Elicia Hughes from FMA getting kidnapped by some random generic anime edgelord man. The two main brothers/protagonists from said anime Elicia is from couldn't save her before the captor transported to another dimension through a portal. Presumably the one where the dumb babies are from.

I also recall the main baby from Boss Baby getting married by force with one of the zombie/dumb babies, with a needle plunged in the wooden floor threatening him to become one of them. It takes place on a dock in a lake btw. But two protagonists of the dream, unidentified ones that is (maybe Spirit and sidekick kid), save the day after some kind of fight ensuing underwater and bring Elicia back to her parents in her dimension.


Do whatever the fuck you want with everything I just shat out.